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"Deploying Node.js" is a hands-on book and video course that teaches you how to manage, secure, provision and deploy node.js servers and applications.

Learn how to horizontally scale your multitier applications over multiple servers, database installation and backups, production best practices.

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Managing node.js servers can be hard

Hi! I'm Kati Frantz, a full-stack javascript engineer who has spent sleepless nights trying to figure out server management and node.js application deployments.

I've always found there was a lack of a reliable resource on how to deploy, manage, and scale node.js applications in the cloud. Over the past few years, I have built, deployed, scaled and managed node.js applications of all sizes.

I always wished there was a practical and simple guide for me to follow, teaching me how to deploy my own production ready servers, databases, queue workers, how to set them up, secure them, and deploy my node.js applications.

That's why I took out time to write this book, to share all the knowledge I have acquired over the years: a simple practical guide to provisioning, setting up, securing, scaling, managing and deploying node.js servers.

Who is this for ?

I wrote this book with a focus on simplicity and practicality. This package would be a great fit for you if you're a developer with beginner to intermediate experience creating and managing your own servers.

If you are looking forward to a career in devops, this is a perfect start for your too. We build from fundamental concepts, to more advanced topics such as horizontal scaling, backups and automation.

What's in the package ?

It's not just a book - It's a journey, with everything you need to begin managing your own servers and scaling your node.js applications.

The book

A carefully written, simple to understand pdf, designed to be practical and hands-on, full of assignments and projects. It'll take you through the journey, explaining concepts with easy to follow examples.

Projects & Assignments

This package follows a hands-on approach to learning. It is packed with so many real-world projects and assignments (with all solutions) for you to practice on. You can see some of the real-world projects in these repositories.

Video Tutorials

There are many real-world projects for you in the book, and to enhance your learning experience, you'll be able to watch me provide solutions to these projects and assignments. The video tutorials would also cover many interesting topics such as continuous deployment and integration.

Private Discussion Forum

Learning alone can get discouraging, especially if you get stuck. Join me, and fellow learners in a private discussion forum to ask any questions you might have, and share the exciting knowledge you gather.

Access to nesabox

Nesabox is a server management tool I built to ease the process of node.js application deployment. To give you a better learning experience, I'll be giving you free access to this powerful tool to deploy your applications.

Frequently asked questions

Can I unsubscribe from your newsletter ?

Yes please ! Your privacy is super important to me. I intend to share super valuable content with you about twice a month max. My main goal is to be a positive influence to your career. If for any reason you do not want that, you can unsubscribe at any time.

I have some feedback for you

Thanks ! I am open to your feedback and reviews about the course, website, marketing or anything you wanna share. Please send me an email.

What are you working on next ?

All up to you! If you have a course request, please tweet me on Twitter and we'll talk about it!

Is this for beginners or advanced developers?

The content assumes little to no knowledge of server management, ssh and the terminal. I start from the most basic concepts and move to more advanced concepts. If you're already used to managing your servers, there is a lot of great content, assignments, practice exercises and concepts you'll enjoy.

I have more questions

Sure ! Shoot me an email, or send me a direct message on Twitter !